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Submitting a trail to Britain Outdoors - Berkshire is easy! For a cycling route it can be as simple as providing a gpx file together with a brief description. For a walking route a more detailed route description is preferable. Any additional information you can provide, such as points of interest and photographs, all help to make your trail more interesting, but are not essential.

If you don't have a GPS device, trails can be plotted in Google Earth and sent to us as a kml file, or you can provide the OS grid references from a map, sketch the route, scan it and send it to us, or find another way of providing enough information for us to recreate your trail on an OS map!

To submit a trail you can either contact us or use the trail entry form below:

Trail Entry Form

Please return the completed form together with any photographs by attaching the files to an email and sending it to us at:

Once we have received the trail it will be reviewed and loaded onto our database. We may need to clarify aspects of the trail description or route. Should that be the case we will contact you by return email.